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Genetic Resources

Genetic resources are the raw materials upon which the world relies to improve the productivity and quality of crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries. The conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources for food and agriculture is therefore at the core of food sovereignty and nutrition. Conserving and using a wide range of diversity – both among species and within species – means securing options to respond to future challenges.

The diversity of genetic resources for food and agriculture (i.e. plants/crops, animals, aquatic resources, forests, micro-organisms and invertebrates) plays a crucial role in meeting basic human food and nutritional needs.

It is essential for maintaining and enhancing the efficiency and the resilience of production systems, as well as contributing to sustainable diets and to the delivery of ecosystem services, such as pest and disease regulation.

Growth Partners Africa believes that the future of sustainable productivity is the protection of genetic resources now. We work with and encourage communities to conserve genetic resources as it is the foundation to food sovereignty. Growth Partners Africa works to better understand the neglected genetic resources and how to tap them to achieve economic potential.

We promote the use of genetic resources for food and agriculture. Achieving this will lead ensured global food sovereignty, promote rural development and facilitate adaptation to climate change and new pests and diseases.

We also seek to promote sustainable use of traditional varieties and breeds so as to make conservation economically viable. We are also involved in formulation of new policies and advocating for amendments to existing policies to better protect genetic resources. GPA seeks to understand the challenges and opportunities involved in conserving and using genetic resources in a sustainable manner to contribute to food security and nutrition.