Membership Criteria

1. Legally registered and active NGOs, FBOs and Networks involved in agriculture as core business.

2. Concur with The Food Alliance aims and objectives.

3. Subscribe to The Food Alliance constitution.


1. Influence the agricultural sector by playing an advocacy role.

2. Contribute to agricultural policy and strategy development through representation in relevant fora.

3. Capacity building of The Food Alliance members in relevant areas.

4. Information sharing among members.

5. Opportunity for formal members to post information on The Food Alliance website.

6. Information on funding opportunities. Individual members gain recognition among key stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

Membership Registration Guide

1. This form is to be completed by organizations (NGOs, FBOs or Networks) whose core mandate is agriculture.

2. Must have a record of active presence in Kenya for at least 3 years.

3. Must be free from any corruption issues.

4. Must agree to be bound by The Food Alliance constitution.

5. Members are expected to regularly participate in meetings.

6. Attempt to ensure continuity by having at least of 2 persons acting as representatives of their organization to The Food Alliance forums.

7. A copy of the application form must therefore be accompanied by;
      : Organization’s profile
      : The organization’s latest Annual progress report.

8. Final decision to The Food Alliance admission lies with The Food Alliance Steering committee